Our Approach

We will attract, train, and deploy an extensive network of DMM Trainers with the New Generations movement DNA, strategic thinking, training and coaching skills to work with top-level leaders in church, organizations, and networks and denominations.  


Disciple-Making Movements


New Churches


New Followers
Of Christ

The Why

Believing that God’s heart is for everyone to come to repentance, we will in dependence on the Spirit, seek to catalyze disciple-making movements of the good news of Jesus in the United States and Canada. Our efforts are targeted at ensuring that every man, woman and child will have a chance to see, hear, experience and respond to Jesus’ call to become a disciple, live in obedience to all His commands and replicate their lives of obedience in others in such a way that the replication never stops. 

In the last eight years the 26 stories in Miraculous Movements have painted a picture for Christians around the world of how God was empowering Disciple Making Movements among unreached people groups from the Horn of Africa to West Africa. NOW they are gearing up to help take on the unique challenges of North America.

Jerry Trousdale

The How

Expose North American individuals, churches and organizations to a multiplicative disciple-making strategy

Explore with them how they might establish a disciple-making culture at a personal or organizational level

Equip them to build and sustain a model of multiplication consistent with the Great Commission

Evaluate with them the results of their efforts as we coach the DNA of movement leadership and disciple-making into their culture.

"Throughout history it becomes clear that if you plant churches you don’t always get disciples, but if you make disciple-making disciples, you always get the church as Jesus intended it."

Roy Moran

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