Our Approach

Habits of a Multiplying Disciple is a learning adventure that explores the irreducible minimum practices that lead to multiplication.

Over 7 weeks you’ll explore Bible passages that expose the Habits of the DMM Flywheel, challenge your paradigms of gospeling and you’ll commit to practice the habits that lead to multiplication.


Disciple-Making Movements


New Churches


New Followers
Of Christ

In the last eight years the 26 stories in Miraculous Movements have painted a picture for Christians around the world of how God was empowering Disciple Making Movements among unreached people groups from the Horn of Africa to West Africa. NOW they are gearing up to help take on the unique challenges of North America.

Jerry Trousdale

"Throughout history it becomes clear that if you plant churches you don’t always get disciples, but if you make disciple-making disciples, you always get the church as Jesus intended it."

Roy Moran

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